How many claps does the average Hacker Noon post get? 604.

Looking for something to write, I decided to analyze 2018’s Hackernoon posts.

Today I had something called a writer’s block. I couldn’t come up with a post about my kanji mnemonics site which could be of interest to the Hackernoon community. After a while, I wondered how many claps does the average post get on Hackernoon. So I started to investigate.

Less than 1K claps [large]
More than 1K claps [large]

Thus, I wrote a parser for the Hackernoon sitemap. I downloaded each page and parsed the amount of claps in the footer of each post. Then I plotted the amount of posts per claps and to one’s surprise, the average amount of claps is 604 in 2018. Though, this number is misleading because if we look at 4 different percentiles, the story will look differently:

  • 10%: 13 claps
  • 25%: 42 claps
  • 50%: 132 claps
  • 75%: 375 claps

If you are publishing to Hackernoon and want to know if you are better than the average post, try to get at least 132 claps. Now, may I ask for a clap.

Update: I also did an analysis of a sister Medium blog called Towards data science.

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