Book notes

Here you can find a list of books that I have read and the notes that I have taken during the process. They are meant to be concise and to highlight the in my opinion most important aspects of the book. But, they may not reflect my own opinion.


As a man thinketh by James Allen - Summary

James Allen's book As a man thinketh shows you exactly how to use your thinking apparatus. Read my notes here.

Capitalism and freedom by Milton Friedman - Summary

Capitalism and freedom is a classic when it come to understanding free markets. It illustrates how big government often does more harm than good.

Free to choose by Milton Friedman - Summary

In Free to choose Milton Friedman gives numerous examples of failures of big government and what to do about it.

Habit by William James - Summary

William James describes in his book Habit how people are the makers of their own fate by engraving habits on themselves. Read my notes here.

Hidden power by James van Fleet - Summary

This book tells you how you can unleash the power of your subconscious mind to improve your life by giving you several examples.

How I raised myself from failure to success in selling - Summary

Frank Bettger's book shows you exactly how you can win that difficult sale. Become successful by reading my notes here.

How to stop worrying and start living - Summary

Dale Carnegie's book on how to stop worrying is a universal guide for living a happy life. Read my notes here.

Influencing human behavior by Harry Allen Overstreet - Summary

H. A. Overstreet's book on influencing human behavior is a must read if you deal with people on a daily basis. Here I share my notes with you.

Mastering the Market Cycle by Howard Marks - Summary

Howard Marks did an excellent job with Mastering the Market Cycle. I have written down all my notes from reading the book here.

My Life and Work by Henry Ford - Summary

Henry Ford's autobiography My Life and Work shows you in his own words what he valued most. Read my notes here.

Self-sabotage: How to stop it & soar to success - Summary

Martha Baldwin does an excellent job of describing how we constantly prevent our own success by sabotaging ourselves. Read my notes here.

Street smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets - Summary

This books tells Jim Rogers story in his own words and gives numerous wisdoms about life and money.

Succeeding with what you have by Charles M. Schwab - Summary

Charles Schwab describes in Succeeding with what you have all the details on how to achieve success. Read my notes here.

The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons by Napoleon Hill - Summary

The Law of success is the most comprehensive book describing how successful people act and think by Napoleon Hill. Read my notes here.

The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz - Summary

The Magic of Thinking Big by Schwartz is perfect for people who want to excel at their careers. Read my notes here.

The Power of your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy - Summary

Dr. Joseph Murphy's book The power of your subconscious mind shows you exactly how to use your mind. Read my notes here.

The road to emotional maturity by David Abrahamsen - Summary

The road to emotional maturity by Abrahamsen helps you stop blaming others for your shortcomings. Read my notes here.

The technique of handling people by Donald Laird - Summary

Do you have difficulties with other people? Donald Laird explains how to handle them excellently. Read my notes here.

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill - Summary

This book tries to help you find your path in life. It shows you how to get rich by adapting your mindset. Read my notes here.

What every body is saying by Joe Navarro - Summary

What every body is saying depicts all the little body signs of other people and tells you whether they feel comfortable. Read my notes here.

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