What every body is saying by Joe Navarro - Summary

If you read this book, you will begin to see every human interaction from a different point of view. Below I tried to condense the most essential ideas without Navarro's entertaining stories from the book.

The notes taken below are in the format like you would take them in a university setting without much unnecessary prose of my own. Ideally you should have read the book yourself first and then use the notes from below to recall the most essential points in less than 10 minutes.


Mastering the Secrets of non-verbal communication

Be a competent observer of your environment

Observing in context is key to understanding non-verbal behavior

Learn to recognize and decode nonverbal behaviors that are universal

Learn to recognize and decode idiosyncratic nonverbal behaviors

When you interact with others, try to establish their baseline behaviors

Always try to watch people for multiple tells - behaviors that occur in clusters or in succession

It's important to look for changes in a person's behavior that can signal changes in thoughts, emotions, interest, or intent.

Learning to detect false or misleading nonverbal signals is also important

Knowing how to distinguish between comfort and discomfort will help you to focus on the most important behaviors for decoding nonverbal communications according to Navarro.

When observing others, be subtle about it

Living our limbic legacy

The very elegant limbic brain

Our limbic responses - the three f's of nonverbals

The freeze response

The flight response

The fight response

Comfort/discomfort and pacifiers

The importance of pacifying behaviors

Types of pacifying behaviors

Getting a leg up on body language; nonverbals of the feet and legs

Torso tips: nonverbals of the torso, hips, chest, and shoulders

Knowledge within reach: Nonverbals of the arms

Getting a grip: Nonverbals of the hands and fingers

The mind's canvas: nonverbals of the face

Detecting deception: proceed with caution

In conclusion, Joe Navarro's "What every body is saying" is a must read if you have to deal with negotiations on a daily basis to improve your body reading skills.

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