Fixing Twitter's Design with uBlock Origin

Improving Twitter

I don't know about you, but a world where we would go back to regular blogs instead of Twitter would probably be better. But, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. Therefore, we still have to rely on it for staying in touch with the people we like.

The problem is...Twitter is way too aggressive to keep you on the site by showing you alternative content. They now show you ads, display trending topics, related people, want you to sign up and waste the screen estate.

So, I went looking for a solution to make Twitter better again. I am rather pleased with the result and keeps me going to the platform more often now.

Step 1: Install uBlock Origin

To start making Twitter awesome again, you need to install uBlock Origin if you haven't already. For that, you have to go to your browser's extension / add-on store. Below I listed the most relevant links for the various browsers. Just click the one that applies to you.

Step 2: Hide unnecessary parts

Now, you will have to open uBlock Origin's popup. There you want to click on the eyedropper icon below the On/Off switch. It is the second icon.

Open uBlock Origin

Next, you click on sign up box near its edge.

Removing the sign up box on Twitter

Then, a new pop up will appear (may be slightly hidden, move your mouse to the bottom right to make it visible) and change the text ##.module.SignupCallOut as depicted in the screenshot below. After altering the text, the corresponding box on Twitter should still be highlighted with red.

Removing the sign up box on Twitter

Now, click the "Create" button. The box should have vanished now.

Removing the sign up box on Twitter - 3

Removing the 'You may also like' box on Twitter

For removing the 'You may also like' section, you will have to use the filter: ##.module.RelatedUsers

Removing the 'Trends' box on Twitter

And for hiding the 'Trends' box use the filter ##.trends.Trends.

After you have removed the small nuisances on Twitter, it's time to remove the biggest space waster on Twitter - the banners. To do that use the eyedropper again and click on the banner.

Improved Twitter

Then change the text to ##.ProfileCanopy and click create.

Removing the banner on Twitter

Alternative method - Use my filters

If you want to use a faster method where you don't have to click and hide each element separately, you can simply use my existing filter in your browser. First, you have to go into uBlock Origin's dashboard by click the last icon in the top row in uBlock Origin's pop up.

Go to uBlock Origin's dashboard

You will be greeted by uBlock Origin's "Settings" tab. Click on the "My filters" tab to continue.

Switching to the my filters tab

If you have arrived on the "My filters" tab, you have to copy the following rules into text box. Afterwards press the "Apply changes" button to make the filters permanent.

Paste filters

Undoing your changes

To revert all or some of your changes to Twitter, you have to go into uBlock Origin's dashboard like in the alternative method. Then, you click on the Filters tab and remove the lines which start with

And you are done!

Clean Twitter

With this activated, you will have a much cleaner and more enjoyable Twitter experience going forward. Feel free to adjust it to your liking by leaving the "You may also like" section or removing the small footer links on the right.

These changes are permanent and affect every Twitter account. So, if you close your browser and come back at a later point, uBlock Origin will keep on hiding your selected Twitter sections. One downside is that if you quickly need to access any of your hidden sections, you will have to remember/know which line in the filters corresponds with the one you want to display temporarily.

Have fun! And enjoy a more usable Twitter from now on and don't forget to occasionally disable it to make new friends. By the way, if you are working in the hotel industry, you may be interested in my newest project Stay tuned!

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