The other day I hit page one on Google for one of my sites

After waiting for a long time and never knowing if Google just hates me or I'm too dumb to make it, I finally managed to rank a site on the first page of Google with "meaningful" impressions.

Kana converter statistics

The page which has to be celebrated is for my kana to romaji tool. The numbers are still abysmal but I now have a working plan to rank any site with low competition and decent amounts of traffic after a waiting period of 2-3 months. This fact made even realize how hard it would be to compete with Google.

Japanese keyboard statistics

Also, an old blog post about enabling the Japanese keyboard on mac suddenly starts to pick up some steam. The numbers are still the worst of the worst with almost no clicks, but the fact that the impressions are rising slowly and steadily makes me finally confident in pursuing a content marketing strategy which hopefully isn't a big waste of time.

The plan now is to replicate these small successes after neglecting Nimonikku for more than a month and indecisiveness on what to do next.

In case you haven't read my last post, it could be that a global recession is on it's way after Venezuela has reached awe-inspiring inflation rate of 488865.00%. As I have outlined in my last post about the advantage of companies failing, this will create lots and lots of new opportunities for entrepreneurs. One of the opportunities could be that Nimonikku rises to the be the tool for learning Japanese in the third bull expansion of the 21st century.

But Nimonikku isn't the only thing on my to-do list right now. I am also planning on re-trying an exam for the third time to finish my master. The plan is to take it in January which leaves me with another 2-3 months for reading the background materials. I managed to organize some of the books referenced in the course about Formal methods but I'm not so sure if I can finish all of them in time.

Also, having written a hotel booking site for my former student dormitory which is a hotel during summer, I convinced myself to market it to other hotels very soon. The biggest hurdle in this endeavor will be mustering the courage to visit 100 hotels and asking their management if they are interested in the software. I got luckily with the first one because I knew the management which isn't the case for all the other hotels. Being turned down by probably 95-97 of 100 hotels will be tough pill to swallow because I'm full blown introvert. Furthermore, if my prediction (accuracy of a weather forecast for the next month) of a recession comes to fruition, the next year selling software to possibly struggling small-sized hotels will be a challenge. Anyhow, I'm in cheerful spirits after I finally show up on Google. Yee haw!

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