Mid June 2021 retrospective

In order for me to practice my writing skills as announced in my previous newsletter, I thought I'd start writing retrospectives like Micheal Lynch or Cory Zue, two of my largest inspirations. Usually, you'd do this at the end of the month or the start of the month, but I figured that if I waited and postponed writing it (read procrastinate) I wouldn't do it. So here I am :D.

To be honest, it has been already a super busy half month. I've been doing consulting work, doing several courses, started a second blog, looked at my previous endeavour Nimonikku, trying to help Cory Zue with his endeavours, implemented a time logging software, and looked after Willi. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing too much...


Willi the future seeing-eye dog in front of a Porsche

I guess if you haven't visited my site yet, you haven't seen this handsome boy called Willi at the bottom of this site greeting you to sign up for my newsletter. I haven't talked about him at all but here it goes. He is not my dog even though it feels like it. The thing is I'm his godfather since November 2020 and have been enjoying it a lot. The sad part is that I have to return him to his owner probably around the start of October. Afterwards Willi will start his training as a guide dog or seeing-eye dog. To be frank, he is really made out for that. He has such a warm temperament that makes me sometimes jealous of how open he welcomes people irrespective of their looks, age, culture or origin.

Logging time

Time logging

Besides looking after Willi, I started tracking my time more in detail like Cory. I had a feeling that I'm doing too much and following to many endeavours such that I can not show any results. I still have to wait to see meaningful statistics about my time allocations.


In order to advance my skills as a solopreneur, I bought 2 courses and one subscription the last few weeks. Everything started a few weeks before that when I was approaching a burn out and took my foot of the throttle to relax a little bit. Like I mentioned in my last newsletter, one of my previous articles on plotting the history of source code TODOs went viral on Hacker News. This little incident showed me that I too can be successful at internet marketing even as English is my second language. This was important to me because I feel like I'm getting older with each day and reaching death sooner than later.

First, I bought Micheal Lynch's course on hitting the front page of Hacker News. I've been following Micheal for over 2 years and I never realized how humble this guy is. The content was stellar and the one thing that you have to take away is: HN really likes quality content. There is no way around it. Also, listening to Micheal is a pleasure, I think he'd make a fantastic podcast host.

I did publish another article about software complexity after watching his course. To be honest, I didn't quite follow all of Micheal's instructions and that's reason enough that my post about software complexity from a few weeks ago didn't resonate with Hacker News. Still, I think it's an evergreen content article that really hits a cord with me. I'll be improving it in the future and try my luck again and again until I'll find that mysterious product market fit.

A few days ago, I bought my second course from Nat Eliason called SEO for Solopreneurs. The content is really rich and motivated me to finally buy an Ahrefs subscription after several years of using their free tools.


After buying Ahrefs and watching Nat's course, I used it like a maniac on so many sites. You couldn't stop me. I subscribed 2 days ago and have already spent more than 6 hours in it. Unfortuantely, I also looked at previous projects that I did. The most prominent, Nimonikku. It's a real pity that I quit too early. Back then I didn't have these results nor the knowledge from Micheal's and Nat's courses. Otherwise I wouldn't have stopped and may already be able to cover my living expenses. But, that's life and I've moved on. Nonetheless, if you like Asian cultures or Japan specifically, going into this space has never been more promising than now.

Nimonikku statistics

In Ahrefs I could see that my site was already picking up steam on Google but I couldn't see in on my end. Visitors stayed flat for several weeks and I was fighting with an overengineered code base that I didn't want to touch anymore. Today, I am laughing that I only wrote a handful of blog posts and complained 2 years ago that I didn't get enough visitors.

After looking at my competitors in the space, I can only dream of where I could have been today had I known about all the possible blog posts that I could have written to bring in thousands of site visitors. But, I've learned my lesson and I'm even more confident now that I have a chance of succeeding with my future projects.


Rubus, my little upcoming hotel management software has been the primary cause for abandoning Nimonikku. Now, I'm doing things differently than with Nimonikku. Back then I was focusing primarly on the product and did almost no marketing. This was a huge mistake as too few people came along to try it out. Whereas previously I was focusing 95-98% on product development and 5% on marketing, this time I'll be spending around 50% on marketing and 50% on the product to get the ball moving.

To kick things of, I already wrote 2 blog post about being a hotel night auditor at a hotel, motel or resort and what hospitality management means. To be honest, I enjoyed writing about these topics so much. On this blog, I'm always wondering what I should write or what people would like. Not with them. Additionally, I see the advantage about learning more and more about the industry instead of wasting my time building a product that probably doesn't have a product market fit. I occasionally got lots of slack about still being a Japnese language learner when I was pitching Nimonikku. This time around, I won't make the same mistake.

Helping Cory

Finally, I started helping out Cory Zue with his endeavours. I can't really show anything yet, but I hope things will turn out good.

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